Where to Find Great Free Images for your WordPress Website

free image website

Are you having trouble finding decent, large format images for your website? Using stock images can sometimes make your website look inauthentic. Luckily, we have sourced some places which will give your WordPress Website a bit more life and colour. You can download high-quality images for your site using platforms like Burst or Pixabay that offers free images in high resolutions for web use. Pexels is another website which can sometime provide great images as well.

Remember, it is highly important that you remember to resize and optimise the image before uploading to your site – never upload high-resolution images directly on your site.

To optimise your images for your website, follow these directions.

  1. No Photoshop? No worries! This site https://pixlr.com/ easily allows you to resize the image you need.
  2. Head to a compressing website, our personal favourite is http://www.jpegmini.com/. Or, if you are uploading bulk images, than you can download an app such as https://imageoptim.com/mac to have on your computer, ready to open at anytime
  3. Upload your resized image and voilà, your image is ready for your website!

Doing this process will really ensure that your site stays nice and slim, which means a great loading time.