A recent study was conducted by Google Security to discover the web safety practices carried out by both security experts and everyday web-users. Surveys were administered to the two groups; each asked varying questions about what they do to stay safe online.

The results may surprise you! Below are the top answers provided:


Careful password management was a priority for both groups; however differing in their approaches. Security experts rely on password managers which are services that store and protect all of a user’s passwords in one place. Using a password manager, such as LastPass for Chrome will make remembering unique or difficult passwords extremely easy!

On the other hand, the two groups top answers were dramatically different. It is a common misconception among web-users that anti-virus software provides a bulletproof solution to prevent hackers. While this plays a small role, it is also suggested that users regularly update software and operating systems to fix vulnerabilities to keep your devices as secure as possible!

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