The following terms and conditions apply to engagements of ZOIK (Project Team):
1) Budget estimate quoted in this proposal is based on our understanding of the brief and may
be subject to change if additional information requires a change in the scope.
2) The Project Team will correct any errors or omissions made by the Project Team in the
course of the assignment, provided that requests for corrective action are notified no later
than three calendar months after assignment completion. This excludes work to modify
third-party applications (including themes and plugins) which is not our original work.
3) The Project Team does not charge for administrative costs, local and mobile phone.
4) Any expenses and incidentals authorised by the client and incurred by the Project Team will
be recharged at cost, Items may include: • SSL security certificate(s) • Third party plugins (eg. • Email distribution costs
5) All materials produced during the course of the assignment shall be the property of the
client. The Project Team retains ownership of materials describing and illustrating concepts
and methodologies included in its development.
6) The Project Team will treat all information about the client other than publicly available
information as confidential and will use such information only for the purposes for which it
was disclosed.
7) Charges for services as specified in the proposal and for authorised expenses shall be
invoiced at the end of the calendar month in which they occur and are due and payable
within 14 days of the date of the invoice.
8) Variations to brief: The above estimate is provided in response to the written brief provided,
the final cost may change if our understanding of your requirements changes. Be assured we
will seek your confirmation in writing before undergoing additional tasks that are considered
9) Provision of the services outlined in this estimate by agreed deadlines is contingent upon
reasonable access to, availability and/or timely provision of the relevant information and
material required to complete the project.
10) Any additional work requested by the client that is beyond the scope of the current brief
will be chargable. A written estimate can be provided for substantial additions to the brief
if required.
11) Hand over: Intellectual property remains with ZOIK until full payment is received, at which
date Administration- level login (webmaster) password will be supplied.
12) You agree to pay ZOIK on completion of work, not the release date. This means our invoice
is due and payable regardless of any management decision to delay a release of our work
(go live).
13) If for any reason you decide to cancel this project you agree to pay percentage equivalent
to amount of work completed, this amount will not be less than 50% commissioning
14) Regular WP and plugin updates are strongly advised to maintain security and functionality.
ZOIK does not warrant or guarantee that future versions of WordPress operating system
will support plugins used in the development of this site. For this reason we recommend
ZOIK Support: WordPress Updates, Helpdesk and Site Security.