Shopify for our locals

Recognising that online sales are critically important to small businesses in these COVID times, ZOIK is offering a starter package to help local businesses create an online shop for $2,000.

If your business is lucky enough to be within 10km of our business we can offer you a Shopify starting package from $2000. This will allow you to be selling your products online within 5 days*. Our small business kickstarter deal is designed to help local businesses get online and start selling products and service – with the help of Zoik’s experts to help design, manage and promote your ecommerce store.

Why shopify you ask? With shopify we can set up your store quickly and not disturb your current website, we can also connect directly to your Facebook and Instagram so you can easily sell directly to social followers. Payments can be taken with Paypal or Stripe with ease. 

Sure, Shopify won’t be the total ecommerce solution you dreamed for your business BUT it will get you started and prepare you for the online sales environment. You might be surprised that these Australian business are currently using shopify –,,,,

Let’s get started.
Before you call Zoik you need to consider these few steps.
1) Do I have a domain name?
2) Do I understand that this is a kickstarter and not a total ecommerce solution.
3) Do I understand that shopify has a monthly fee and transaction cost.
4) Do I understand that I will need a payment gateway – Paypal or Stripe.
(5) Do you have high-quality images?  If not, you can hire our Canon M6 digital camera kit from $50 per day. 

That’s it, let’s catch up for a coffee and discuss how Zoik can help its local business sell online.

Call James or Chris on 3856 3303 or 0419 709 875

*Subject to clients readiness to Domain and Gateway accounts, Offer for a limited time only.