It is easy to get excited about the next big digital marketing thing.  The latest one is Click Funnels.

And it certainly packs a fair bit into an online marketing service.  Sign up for a free trial, and once you get through the world’s longest home page, you will see that the service provides some genuine nifty features including a landing page builder along with easy integrations that allow you to capture emails and take payments on the application.    But before you commit to $100 per month for the service, take a take at the features in your electronic email system (such as  Mail Chimp or Vision 6 ) which also offer lead management tools at little, or no ongoing monthly fees.

LEAD FUNNEL:  Turning website visitors into leads

your sales funnel

As shown in this simple diagram above, the challenge is to turn website visitors into leads that you can follow up via email or remarketing channels (such as Facebook or Google Re-targeting).  If you’re not an e-commerce site, the hard part is to offer visitors ‘lead bait‘ to hand over the email address.  You can do this in a number ways, including gated content (e.g. ‘Hey, get my free guide to Wild Wurbels in the Wilderness, after you sign up….’)  or sales vouchers.

Get more value out of your EDM by setting automation and planning follow-up campaigns to highly engaged subscribers.

Once you have set up a mechanism to capture emails from potential customers, you can use automated marketing in MailChimp and Vision 6 to funnel high value leads.