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Purchase time for Code and Content Editing and Optimisation

A resource time block will give you access to:

How does Content and Onsite Optimisation Work?

Resource time is charged in blocks of 20 minutes. While this is the minimum chargeable time for a task, we will group multiple tasks on the same site and day, into a single request.

Examples of a single resource time (20 minutes) include:

Examples of longer tasks (approximately 40+ minutes) include:

Simple tasks requiring minimum resource time (20 minutes) to complete will be actioned and recorded on our support Google Sheet. We will contact you for confirmation prior to commencing any task that we estimate will require one hour or more to complete.

Purchasing and Tracking

Resource blocks are available in a minimum of five-hour periods. A record of completed tasks is recorded on a spreadsheet and provided to our clients on request.

Cost options:

(ZOIK’s standard hourly rate for digital design and coding is $175+gst. 1 Hour of resource time)

Paying by Credit Card?
You can purchase small blocks of resource hours on a Visa or Master Card via our PayPal Account.

Purchase 2 hours of resource time:

Pay by website link

Purchase 5 hours of resource time:

Pay by website link

Support time remains valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Please note that prices are correct as at 1 July 2023. Subject to standard terms and conditions.