Planning is the key to delivering on-time projects

ZOIK has established project management tools and processes that support each project, from quoting through to completion and post-deployment. Key aspects of our practice include:

Stage 1: Proposal Document / Response to brief

Depending on the scope of the project, we will meet with you and request access to web analytics to understand the full requirements in order to prepare a detailed proposal. 

Stage 2: Statement of Works  

  • chosen platform and modules
  • CMS content page templates required
  • data management and security procedures
  • user experience maps
  • project time schedule
  • detailed cost breakdown – pre and post deployment

If we are appointed to your project the first task will be to complete a Statement of Works (SOW). This document defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for providing our services. It may range from a couple of pages to a novella for particularly involved projects. You can expect the SOW to include:

You will need to sign off on the SOW before we proceed to the design stage.

Stage 3: User Experience Design

Design is an iterative process. Our design team will start by preparing several mockups for a key content page (usually the home page).  When the ‘look and feel’ is approved, we will develop layouts for several pages including mobile views.  Final layouts are presented using a prototyping display tool.

Stage 4: Development

We will build the new site in our staging environment. A member of our team will be responsible for the production schedule during this period.

Stage 5: User Acceptance testing

Once the site is complete, and before content is inserted, we will invite you to test the functionality and approved design.  Feedback for this critical stage is managed via a document shared between the development coordinator and client.

Stage 6: Content Insertion

The ZOIK team can input and format all your site content. Alternatively, you may wish to handle this component yourself. If so, we will provide support to ensure content displays as expected.

Stage 7: Post-deployment: training, training, support and resource hours

Training and Documentation

We provide a two-hour, hands-on CMS training session at ZOIK for all new web projects.  Additional onsite training can be provided on request.  We also provide a ‘ How To’ document, which explains key CMS aspects to support your content updates.

Post deployment warranty

We provide a 3-month warranty as part of all development projects. Should the website need adjustment over time, we are capable of providing maintenance support.  You can review our standard terms and conditions of engagement here.

Premium Support – ensuring your WordPress site stays up-to-date and secure.

To stay up-to-date and protected we recommend our Premium Support package. For your website to keep performing as a powerful marketing tool, ongoing support is vital. In addition to our design and development services, ZOIK provides professional WordPress support and maintenance services, including 24/7 security monitoring, cloud-based redundant backups, regular updates to WordPress core, and plugins, plus support desk for telephone, email and video help. Find out more about our support packages here.

Resource Blocks –  support for new content and design tasks when you need it.

You can purchase time for code and content editing in five and ten-hour blocks. A record of completed tasks is recorded on a spreadsheet and provided to our clients on a regular basis.  Support time remains valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

The steps outlined above provide a snapshot of our project planning system.  Each project is tailored to the client and project scale.