Once you have audited your websites on page SEO checklist seen here  you should move onto a off page check. It is a much more thorough process than just checking backlinking, with these elements to consider:

  • Check your current backlinking profile with Google Console Manager. Here you are able to download a list of your backlinks, allowing you to identify any unwanted links.
  • Link analysis; low quality links such as exact match text and irrelevant anchor text put your link at risk of a low SEO ranking. Use link auditing tools such as Majestic or Kerboo can help you gather extra information about your links, giving each one a score based on the quality of the linking page.
  • Social Media Engagement; use your social skills to your advantage by included elements such as twitter carousels and sharing options. Regularly update you social media as these pages can be crawled to appear on google searches.

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