Take advantage of destination forums and image galleries to increase and improve your local destination’s profile on Trip Advisor BEFORE  jumping into an advertising contract.

Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel review website.  The site’s influence is growing across all aspects of the travel booking system.  Most travel businesses are already engaged with Trip Advisor Reviews. However, many local destination marketing organisations are lagging behind because they’re not aware of the opportunities available to add destination content and images to Trip Advisor. (We’re not talking about purchasing a Premium Destination Partnerships. Before your Destination Marketing Organisation signs up for paid plan, make sure your doing the basics!  For many DMOs and local councils this is all you need.)

Boost your destination’s Trip Advisor profile with these tips:

  • Create a TripAdvisor user account
  • Review user content and make amendments
  • Add Destination stories to the TripAdvisor Forum
  • Add new images for each town