At Google’s annual Performance Summit held early in 2016 a string of announcements were made, specifically improvements to Adwords. The changes coming in 2016 will affect all Adwords users, particularly in the areas of expanding text ads, dynamic ads on mobiles, similar audience searches and GDN targeting expanding to other ad exchanges.

From these changes, several paid marketers gave an insight into what they think of the big news.

1. Device Bidding for All Devices 

“After years of complaining about enhanced campaigns and the merger of desktop and tablet bids, we finally have our control back,” – Justin Freid  SEM and social for the pharma industry

“The new way to anchor bids to other devices could be used to once again build device-specific campaigns, like mobile-only,”  Martin Rottgerding, head of SEM at Bloofusion Germany.

“Advertisers have been waiting for more device flexibility since Enhanced Campaigns were released,”  Caitlin Halpert of 3Q Digital

2. Expanded Ad Text 

“Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are hands down the biggest news, other things are nice as well, but this one will keep us occupied over summer. My impression is that Google is trying to get this out as fast as possible, maybe a bit faster than they should.” Rottgerding.

3. Similar Audiences for Text 

“Depending on how the audiences are calculated, this could be huge, yet it was just mentioned in passing,” Larry Kim of WordStream

“I think that demographic controls for search will have the biggest impact because as costs continue to rise, this gives advertisers a big lever to improve targeting so that their CPA and ROAS can remain reasonable. Between this and the expanded text ads, it means that online marketers will have to become more like traditional marketers who have to craft the right message for the right user.” Frederick Vallaeys of Optmyzr

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