We all want more sales.  But, if you’re not selling online, then you will have to settle for second best: leads.

Here is a quick guide to two lead capturing methods we can help you implement on your WordPress website.

White Paper campaigns (‘Lead Bait’)

“White paper” is used here as a general term for any marketing asset that is downloaded.   You can use white papers for paid search campaigns and optimization to grow your lead database.

The asset will be secured behind a sign-up form.  This means it is only accessible after the visitor provides contact information.

Exit Intent / Subscribe Popups

The term exit intent has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Essentially, it uses Javascript and the web browser to track the movements of a user so an opt-in form can be displayed when they show signs of leaving your website.

The team at ZOIK can help you add a lead bait tool to your site as a stand-alone module or as part of a digital strategy.  Give us a call 07 3856 3303 today.