BUILDING A DIGITAL STRATEGY – Website and Landing Pages

There’s no point spending money on advertising if you’re sending them to the wrong place. Your website is an extension of your brand, where the information must be consistent with the values of the audience you’re targeting. You wouldn’t open a shopfront with mud tracked all over the floors, why do the same with your website?

Read on to learn how to keep your website tidy.

  1. Marketing Channels
  2. Website + Landing pages
  3. Lead Information + Consumer database
  4. Remarketing


Simply having a website is no longer good enough, in fact it’s been like that for a while. Search Engines place greater value on websites that a guarantee users a smooth user experience.

A well maintained website looks like this:

  • on HTTPS (read the importance of this here)
  • mobile responsive
  • fast load time
  • intuitive navigation

The items above that should be a given in this day and age. To stay relevant you have to supercharge your website with engaging content, review high and low traffic areas of your website, and tweak landing pages to ensure your visitors the best website experience possible. How do you stay innovative? Google Optimize is a great place to start.


Get the most out of your landing pages with Google Optimize, by creating more engaging customer experiences. Test different variations of your website and then tailor it to deliver a personalised experience that works best for each customer and for your business. Variant testing is incredibly powerful, and encourages brands to continue to create fresh and innovative content.

Your experiments can be as simple or as complex as you like, with 3 different experiment types available:

  1. A/B Tests – Test multiple variations of the same page. Useful for small variations in elements i.e. changing a font or button colour.
  2. Multivariate Tests – Test two more elements at once. This experiment explores what combination of elements is most effective by analysing the users interactions.
  3. Redirect Tests – Send your traffic to two different, competing URLS. Useful for testing landing pages with very different designs.

You don’t have to be a developer to enact these changes! Google Optimise has an intuitive visual editor, where “What you see, is what you get”.

We recently completed a 14-day trial which demonstrated that a modified home page would deliver a 28% increase in page views per session.

Still stuck? Don‘t be afraid to give ZOIK a call! We’ve been doing this for a while now, and love helping businesses connect with their customers online.