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Good Reason to Run both Cloudflare and Wordfence on Your WordPress Website

March 27, 2024 free & Wordfence Plugin free In today’s digital age, ensuring your WordPress website is secure and performs well under any conditions is not just an option—it’s a necessity. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats and the high expectations of web users for fast-loading pages, a dual-layered approach to your website’s security and performance […]

Office365 Setup

Office365 Setup Verify your Office365 with a MX Record The first step is to verify MX Record – Use the MS record you get from Office365 and add a TXT record in Zone Editor. Record Type: TXTName: 3600TXT Value: MS=ms0123456789 MX Record is need to set Office365 as the MailServer MX Record: This record […]

Google search your website

March 20, 2024

To search Google for specific keywords only within your website (in this case,, you can use the site: search operator followed by your keyword. This operator limits the search results to pages from the specified domain. Here’s how you can do it: Basic Site Search To see all indexed pages of your website, you […]


March 4, 2024

Help with Australian tourism API ATDW is a platform that helps tourism operators and businesses improve their online presence. It does this by providing them with a place to list their business and share information about their products and services. If you have a website that needs to use ATDW we have the skills you […]

Updating Your Hosts File: Exclusive Server Preview

February 23, 2024

Before going live with a website on a new server, you can point the domain to the new server’s IP address on your local machine. This allows you to test the site’s functionality, performance, and appearance on the new server without affecting the live site or the view of other users. FOR MAC USERS: WARNING […]

How to Get a Google MapsJavaScript API Key

November 2, 2023

Follow Steps: Monitoring and Billing Alerts (Access this from the Google Cloud Console Billing Section.) CREATE CREDENTIALS SAMPLE:

Steps to setup a Google Cloud Account for Google Map API

September 13, 2023

Here are some simple instructions you can use to create a Google Maps API account: This information is correct to the best of our knowledge as at July 2023. Clients are advised to confirm Google’s terms and conditions to ensure the accuracy of information.

What is engineer prompting

March 15, 2023

Engineer prompting is a powerful technique that can be used to improve the accuracy and relevance of the text generated by large language models like Chat GPT. By providing specific instructions and constraints to the model, it will fine-tune its output to better serve the users’ needs. Examples: Sample – ask ChatGTP “role-play as […]

Difference between CNAME and A records!

February 10, 2023

CNAME (Canonical Name) records are used to map an alias or subdomain to a real or target domain name. For example, you might use a CNAME record to map the hostname “” to the target domain “”. Here’s an example of a CNAME record: IN CNAME In this example, the CNAME record maps […]

SPF and DKIM records.

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) records. SPF SPF is a mechanism used to authenticate the source of an email and prevent email spoofing. It’s a type of DNS record that specifies which mail servers are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain. The SPF record is included in the […]